Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wishing You...

It's cold and very windy here in these mountains, but inside our cottage it's warm and filled with the scent of baking cookies.  Yes, I'm just now getting around to baking the cookies!  Last night we went out looking at Christmas lights; I'll post some photos later.  Tonight, after our Christmas Eve dinner, my husband and I will go for our annual Christmas Eve walk through the forest.  We scatter all sorts of nuts and seeds for the birds, mice, skunks, raccoons and other animals.  Mrs. Coyote always gets several very large, thick steaks that we leave a little ways from her den, and I always leave a large pile of shelled hazelnuts and pecans outside of Mrs. Rose's den...she just adores them. 

On our way back to our Christmas-filled cottage, we always sit down for a while on a large, comfortable rock and just listen to the wind (which hopefully won't be quite as wild as it is right now) and look up at the black, black sky filled with thousands of brilliantly sparkling, icy points of light. 

When we get back from our walk through the silent, star-lit forest, we'll have hot chocolate and cookies in front of the fire. The cats, both our inside family and our outside family of feral cats, will have their usual warm, before-bed-meal along with some special treats for Christmas Eve. 

Blessings to everyone...many, many blessings.


  1. Oh Victoria! You have (to me) the quintessential Christmas!
    Upon looking at your photo, the breath caught in my throat - such a chocolate box image by the hearth. I adore it. Your tree!!! All so lovely.
    I can almost smell the cookies baking as I look at this image. Pure heart and home.

    And, to spend the evening walking through the forest gifting special treats to your forest folk is so, so, so delightful!

    As I am an air sign, the wind is like a song in my heart. From a whisper quiet rustle among the leaves, or a wistful sighing through thin pine needles, to a roaring gale, all music to my ears - and the harmonies are always pitch perfect to me :)

    Oh, I would love the chance to live the same.
    Your world is like reading about a fairytale from a children's book. Sigh.

    And, I often come to look at the images of your delightful forest folk to the right of your blog and smile.
    Mrs. Rose completely and utterly has my heart. Her sweet face brings tears to my eyes.

    A wonderful, wistful, magical Christmas to you, dear Victoria.

    ... and the wind whispered, "magiiiiiic".

  2. Yes, magic, Vicki. That's what this season is mostly about for me; the magic of Nature. Decorating to reflect the colors of the winter season: the white of the snow, the red of the holly berries, the green of the pines and cedars, the silvery-gray of the beautiful bare branches of the oaks, alders and other deciduous trees, the sparkle of the stars, which are so much brighter here in winter than in summer. I hope you're having a magical Christmas, too.

  3. What a wonderful thing you do for the animals in your woods. Your Xmas Eve sounds heavenly.

  4. Wow, I love the idea of leaving treats for the animals! Merry Christmas!


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