Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wasting Time

The more I stared at this photo, the more things I saw in it.  Faces, birds, pearls, eyes, lace, faeries...

When the water in the bird bath gets frozen on top, sometimes I can lift it out like a giant plate, sometimes it comes out in pieces.  Either way, I drop them on the ground on top of the layer of pine needles and leaves and wait for the sunlight to be at the angle I want, then I take the photo.  And then I stare and stare at the photos after I've uploaded them to my computer.  Uber-lame, I know...I just can't help myself!


  1. What a wonderful pastime! The endless magic of nature!

  2. Always enjoy seeing your lovely pictures. this one is special. I'm sure you would have taken many photos, and each one will be different.

  3. This is certainly a beautiful picture and how creative you are with that camera and capturing the ice. I think I saw a fish in there somewhere. Have a super day.


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