Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice

The shortest day, longest night of the year.  After today, the Northern Hemisphere days will become, little by little, longer, lighter.  But this excerpt from "The Solstice Wreath" by Sandra Michaelson Brown expresses a bit of how I feel about what humans are doing to our earth and what so many humans have allowed their spirits to become:

"A vital light is missing from the world, by which I mean
that ephemeral gold that spins the seen and unseen worlds together. 

In my life I don't expect to see a springtime swelling
of the shriveled nuts so many spirits have become.  What's to be done?

This is the winter solstice of an age,
although the season's worst is yet to come.
What's delicate and true has come undone:
Is the only fitting answer
a pure and focused rage?"


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  2. What's to be done, indeed? A powerful meditation. May the light return.


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