Saturday, October 27, 2012

5th Annual Halloween Party - A Sisters Halloween

It's that time of year!  It's Vanessa Valencia's 5th annual Halloween blog party, and my first time participating in it.  Thank you so much, Vanessa, for hosting this.  To see the other parties, click the link at the top right of the sidebar.  (Left click on the photos to enlarge them).

I had a hard time deciding what piece of jewelry to I just piled all of it on!  I do so love moons.  Of course, my eldest sister, Patricia, will probably 'relieve' me of some of it when she arrives, ha!

Won't you come in?  Watch your step on the walkway, there are lots of spirits floating about.  Oh!  Is that the Great Pumpkin I see on top of the arbor?  Yes, yes, I think it is!

I have some goodies for us to nibble on... 

And some lovely goblets from which we can sip a delicious potion or two...(I couldn't find my Halloween 'Spider Venom' mugs, I can't imagine where they've gone off to...)

Look!  They have little images of our sisters flying on their brooms at the bottom (although I don't know why people insist on making witches look ugly...I've never ever seen an ugly one).  Ooh, and there are pumpkins and ghosts and even a little cat!

And an owl and a flying monkey.

Please, have some cookies and candy corn...

and cupcakes, too. 

This is Miss Georgia, don't you just love her red curls?  That's Miss Tabitha Twitchett behind her.  She's in a bad mood because she didn't want to sit holding the lantern for so long, so please excuse her expression.

Miss Georgia insisted on a close-up.  Well, who can blame her? 

Miss Georgia thought you might enjoy having your fortune told by her friend, Miss Fortuna.

Miss Fortuna is a very wise, kind witch with a wondrous gift of seeing the future...your future.  I'm sure she'll have something good to tell you!

Gloria (on the left) and Stella Bella (on the right) are waiting for us to get our hats and cloaks and fly up to my studio...they've heard my sister's party has started.

Of course, Merlin wants to go along, too! 

Just let me plop my hat on my head before the cats eat all the feathers. 

Edwina says sisters are flying in from all directions!

What a lovely lavender light Luna is glowing with tonight!

Oh, we'd better stop on the stairs to say hello to the Faeries that live in this forest.  We wouldn't want to hurt their feelings... 

Yep, my eldest sister is definitely here!

She made a pumpkin path for us.  She doesn't get that whole 'yellow brick road' song.  She likes to sing 'follow the orange pumpkin path.'  Yeah...I know. 

I just noticed, she managed to talk the trees into producing magical pumpkin fruit! 

Oh yum, it looks like she has caramel apples and chocolate cake and champagne!  Hey, there are my Halloween mugs.  No wonder I couldn't find them earlier.  And I think I see my Halloween plates, too.  Ahhh, sisters...but what would I do without her?

And both of us are..........

Filled with lots of good magic, wonderful amazements, and, of course, lots of candy!


  1. What a magical Halloween post! And Merlin is the most gorgeous host! Thanks so much for having me, Happy Halloween!

    Please come party with me at my 2 different Halloween parties:

    See you soon :)

  2. Wonderfully magical and spooky post!! You created such a gorgeous Halloweeny atmosphere!


  3. what a lovely party! Your photos were beautiful.
    please come and see me too...I'm also hosting a giveaway!

  4. Those goblets are fantastic, and I LOVE the lighted path in the woods there!

  5. Thank you for having me! Your party was delightful and the decorations are to die for.
    Miss Tabitha Twitchett did seem unhappy but she is a wonderful girl. And those cats are charming!

    Thanks Again and Happy Halloween!

  6. Wow...I am so glad that I stopped by...I had a magical time. All kinds of fun to see and do. At some point I was a little scared but I got over that when I had some sweet treats. Awesome party.

    Please visit me:

  7. What a pumpkin-tastic party, such fun and so many yummy treats.

    Miss Georgia is lovely.

  8. Thank you for having me to your magical party....I had a spookylicious time:)
    Come see me at my party
    Gypsy Sista

  9. I just LOVE it when Hallow's Eve sparkles with magic and bling, and lovely witches in candlelit glow...


    XOXO Rhonda Roo

  10. Victoria;
    I loved your party, I can tell you are a eclectic like me. I have some of those beautiful moon bracelets too! Thank you for your invitation to your sweet party, I have enjoyed myself. Off to visit more!

  11. Thank you for inviting me and escorting me through the spooky but well lit path. I must find out where you purchase your glassware!

  12. Thank you for inviting me to your magical, witchy party! :-) Happy Halloween!

  13. Such lovely goodies, and such good friends :)

    Please visit my party at:

  14. What a scrumptious setting!

    Happy halloween

  15. Ohhh pretty and scary all at once. Those goblets are to die for! I wish I had a sister to pull all sorts of witchy shenanigans with!

    Gerushia's New World

  16. A sweet pretty Halloween party. I am truly delighted with it.

  17. I love it - the magical orange glow and the moonlight playing off things - but MOST OF ALL - your goblets. Those are fantastic! What a lovely party setup. Thank you for allowing me to share in it.

    ~ Misha/DawaiOser (Cosmic Girl)

    If you haven't already, please stop by my contribution to the Halloween festivities. Here's the link to my party:

  18. I think I will have a lil beverage in one of those fantastic goblets, thanks so much.
    Great party, thanks for sharing.

  19. Lovely party! I would love to dine at your table. It's so beautiful with its magical glow. LOVE the goblets! Hugs to Merlin and his sisters--very cute!

    Happy Halloween

  20. A wonderfully magical party....the glow of the pumpkin lit path will stay with me for Halloweens to come :)

    Your fur babies are just beautiful...I adore that Kitty Love photo you have in your sidebar!

    Thank you for having me!
    Paint Myself Pretty

  21. Wonderful post, thanks for entertaining us with it. Please come to my party, all are invited.

  22. Warm and whimsical party!Wonderful time I had.Yes,you are very close to My home and I do love the Mountains-lucky girl! Denise

  23. Oh yes,I wanted to mention the goblets--TeeHee---Fun to know someone else who loves Kirks Folley on QVC.Yes?Did I get it right?I have tons of Her things.Wanted the Goblets,but they were a little out of My reach for a whole
    set :)

  24. Thanks for the info. Isn't her stuff fun.I have some of the moon jewelry too -Glimmer shimmer and shine-

  25. You're welcome, Denise. I knew we had a lot in common! Someday we really must get together...maybe halfway between there and here...

  26. Such a magical party to behold! Such beautiful things you have for such a a lovely party including your furies!

  27. This was so magical and fun to read .... I didn't know you were a Kirks Folly collector .... I was able to go to a couple of their outlet sales in Rhode Island when I lived in New York. Thanks for sharing your marvelous creativity ...

    Love and Light,

  28. Wow that was a great party! Your pictures are fabulous! There are so many I like- I love the one with the owl and Miss Georgia and path leading to the table! Awesome job!

  29. I had such fun creeping along your pumpkin path!

    Your party has such a ghoulish glow about it- really set the scary mood.

    Please stop by my party, my spoOky Haunted girl is dyyyying to meet you!

  30. Where oh where did you get those fabulous goblets from? They are so beautiful! I love every detail of your party. Thank you for having me :) I am so glad that I stopped by.

  31. Piling all the jewels on at once is really the only way to go isn't it?? ;)

    Your photos are sublime, and your decor is seriously fab!

    Those goblets, awesome!!

    Thank you so much for being a part of this extra magical season!!

    ♥ Vanessa

  32. Victoria, that was just lovely! I was so delighted with your party and all the fixin's. I flew off full and smiling. Already looking forward to next year!
    Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain/All Hallow's Eve, and just a wicked fun ride to you and all your sisters!

    come meet my coven!


  33. Can never wear too many jewels I say, and not only that, but you have a bejeweled table setting as well...those *gasp* wine gobblets! Must be Kirks Folly? OMG! This was a total wonderful of delight, I'm so glad I stopped by to get an eye full of the magic! Happy Halloween!

  34. What a lovely table setting! I so could feel the warmth of all the candles!
    Enjoyed my time here!
    Thank you!
    I do hope you will come visit my halloween party. I am having a special giveaway.

  35. Simply a Lovely Time !!

    Thank You !!

  36. Happy Halloween! Your party was enchanting!

  37. This looks so wonderfully witchy and delicious. I wish I could fly over for a visit ; )
    Thank you so much for the wonderful party ; )

    BTW: about the dvd's I have a player that can handle dvd's from America too. I have the movie series of Sarah Plain and Tall from America too. We can watch them ; )
    7Have a wonderful day.

  38. Dearest Victoria,
    Wow, the sisters are in full swing tonight. I will need a shrinking spell after all the goodies you provided. They were delish.
    Thank you for the Wonderful party. I had a spooktacular good time. I would love for you to drop in to Wonderland for a Ghostly tale and a few Halloween treats. See ya there
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  39. Oh I would love to share a cookie and a goblet of something special at your party. Lovely indeed!

  40. Beautiful party! I just love the set up, with the candles and all of the witches! You truly understand witches, are you one too? ;) I love everything you said. Happy Halloween!

  41. Ooh, how Magickally wonderful!! Gorgeous table setting! (Hi, Merlin, from my Kitties!)
    Thank you for inviting us!

  42. Wow! How Magical, your goblets were amazing! And your furbabies are just too sweet! I loved attending your party, now I must jump on my broom and fly off to the next Gathering!!! Happy Halloween!

  43. Thank you, Victoria, for visiting my Halloween Party, and for inviting me to yours! I had a lovely time! Happy Halloween!

  44. What a fabulous party!! So many wonderful treats. I love, love, love your witch cups, though I don't really understand the ugly witch thing either.

    Have an amazing Halloween!!

  45. Some of your Halloween photos appear 3-D; that's so cool!

  46. This has to be one of my favorite parties. Everything looked so magical and spooky. The atmosphere was perfect! Happy Halloween


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