Monday, June 6, 2011


Last night the weather seemed more like March than June. Howling winds, a little cold rain and even a few flurries of snow!

I thought for sure the emerging wildflowers, like the Grape Soda Lupines above, would be flattened. Happily, they're just fine. The dogwood flowers didn't fare as well, but they're at the end of their bloom anyway.

We had gusts of freezing cold wind up to 80 mph which knocked down a lot of branches from various trees but, luckily, the trees themselves are okay.

I don't know if the birds fared as well, though. I've seen the larger birds; the Steller Jays, the Black Headed Grosbeaks, the Flickers and the Ravens, but I didn't see any House Finches, Chickadees or Nuthatches today. I hope they're all right.

Such strange, cold weather for June. But when I think of the terrible wildfire raging out of control over in Arizona I'm grateful beyond words for the out-of-season weather we've been getting. I hope it continues. In fact, I wouldn't care if hot weather just passed us by completely this year...and every year!

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