Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Mystery


  1. What a beauty! I uncovered a forgotten rose today when I was weeding -- they really are hardy.

  2. If this is what we call a wild rose, the perfume is heady. I dug one up from a long forgotten piece of land a few years ago (there were loads of them there.) planted it and it never did bloom. I dug it up and rather than "kill it", I re-planted it in an uncared for part of the garden. One morning last year, I was walking around the garden when this heavenly perfume hit my nose. Following the scent, I discovered it was this forgotten rose bush full of blooms.

  3. Vicki, their hardiness is truly awesome.

    OC, I believe it probably is a wild rose. The scent of the roses in my garden, and my sister's garden, pale in comparison to this rose. How wonderful that you re-planted your rose in a spot where it could flourish!


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