Sunday, June 24, 2012

International Faery Day

Rosina, who usually hangs out in my back garden, says, "Don't forget, today is International Faeries Day!  We'll be celebrating all evening and all through the night, until the stars go back to sleep for the day.  Keep your eyes just might see one of us!"


  1. What a lovely fairy !!!
    Our fairies had to swim yesterday. It rained all the time, but I'm sure they found a way to enjoy that too ; )

  2. Rosina is as pretty as a Rose! Happy Faiery day!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Lots of lightning bugs/fireflies out on these warm summer nights. Or could they be. . .?

  4. Monique, I bet they had their little umbrellas, probably made from some of your beautiful blossoms, to keep them dry!

    Queenie, I'll pass your compliment along to Rosina. I know she'll be very pleased!

    Oh, Vicki, you KNOW they are! Well, some of them, anyway...

  5. International Faerie Day??? Where have I been, I never knew about this. I love Rosina, what a darling.


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