Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Sunlight

This was taken last May while I was walking on the path that goes around Lake Arrowhead.  The sun had almost set, and I was alone on the path, when I came upon a Dogwood tree that some idiotic, thoughtless person had ripped a lot blossoms from and then just left them there on the ground.  Really, what is wrong with some people?  Oh, right.  I already answered that; they're idiotic and thoughtless.  Anyway, the way it was holding the light caught my attention.  After I photographed it I took it and the other victims home, where they floated in bowls of water for several days.  Every time I looked at them I wondered if the person who ripped them off the tree knew, or cared, about the berries that the center of the blossoms would have turned into this coming Autumn and how many birds might go hungry because those berries weren't there. 

Of course, there are lots of other Dogwood trees in this forest, so, hopefully, no birds will go hungry.  I guess what really got to me was the expression of a total disconnect from, and lack of respect for, Nature.


  1. Hi Victoria. Loved the picture and your post. I get that way about people sometimes and my daughter gets me to think differently ... thoughtless is very apt ... people just don't think about what they are doing and thinking ... I do this myself sometimes and did it a lot more in my youth ... I have come a long way but have so much more to go ... the journey never ends.

    Hugs and Happiness to you, dear one.

  2. That would have made me angry and unhappy -- it's more like something a child would do -- thoughtless is the word.


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