Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Birthday...

Miss Potter!  She'd be 149 if she were alive today, but since no human lives to be 149, I'll just send good wishes to her where ever she is.  My early childhood was enriched because of her books (and many others) but today is her day.
I've been reading, in between other books, "Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life."  It's pretty interesting.

Ms. MCDowell makes me feel as if I knew Beatrix Potter and her surroundings firsthand. 
It has lots of illustrations and quotations from Miss Potter's letters, books and journals.

The bunnies are reading, I'm sure, her other books.  Theirs is a magical book only bunnies can read and they (meanly) won't tell me what it is they're reading.  But, I can guess that right now the story of choice is "The Tale of Two Bad Mice"  because...they don't know I understand the Ceramic Rabbit language! ;D


  1. Happy Birthday to the immortal Miss Potter - she and her characters live on forever...

    And, I think there is magic afoot at your place, Victoria ;)

  2. What an inspiration Miss Potter was and is to so many..
    I was gifted this book on my Birthday last year... It is such a great read!

  3. What a wonderful, inspiring person! Her books (and the old animated series) were a very important part of my childhood!

  4. Marta McDowell is an excellent writer. I loved that book.


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