Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Sunsets and Gratitude

I took this photo in 2006 at Lake Gregory.  We couldn't see the sunset, either yesterday or today, because of the RAIN!  Yes, it rained lightly yesterday, then this morning was clear.  I was grateful for the bit of rain yesterday, wished it were more, but thought the storm had moved on out to sea.  Happily, oh SO happily, I was wrong.  The clouds came back around noon and, at 3:20 p.m., they started pouring down the rain.  It was a real old-fashioned California cloud burst.  Every place in these mountains got over an inch and a half of rain, some places received over two inches!  There was a bit of thunder and lightening to go with the rain, but no fires were started because it was raining so hard!  And, it continued for one hour and two minutes...precisely.  When it abruptly stopped, it was like some celestial being had turned off the tap.  This doesn't mean the drought and fire season is over yet, but at least all the lakes up here have more water in them to be used to fight fires.  I'm hoping this is just the prelude to a very wet, very early rainy season!

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  1. I do love images of your Lake Gregory. It imbues a sense of calm and magic - especially in this rose hued view. Just lovely.

    So glad you've had rain! May it continue to keep your magic mountain damp enough to stave off any fires and protect all creatures great and small xx


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