Sunday, October 25, 2020

This ‘n That

 Well, Halloween is almost here.  It will be a very different one for most of us I guess.  

We’re getting some fall color here in the San Bernardino mountains finally.  It’s been so strangely hot (80 degrees in October is definitely not normal) that I’m surprised the trees have any color at all.  

This is one of the large homes in Lake Arrowhead.  I like the Boston Ivy around the doorway.  

Since we had no rain for over 6 months, the lake is starting to dry up again.  I’m praying this long dry spell ends soon!  

The chrysanthemums are doing well although I’ve had to give them extra water due to the hot weather.  

This oddly shaped pumpkin caught my eye at a local nursery.  I think it wants to be a starfish!  I hope everyone has a good, happy Halloween...

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