Friday, January 30, 2015

Faeries Friday - Catalina and Cattriona

All day long I had been hearing an impossibly soft, tiny mewing.  I went out and looked and looked, but saw nothing, so I went back to working on prepping canvases.  The next time I stepped out of my studio to walk down the stairs to my cottage, I saw Catalina holding her kitty, Cattriona.

I knew right away that Cattriona was the source of the tiny mewing I had heard...she was calling for her Faery cat-mom, Catalina.  Like any good cat-mom, whether Fae or human or cat, Catalina had searched for her wandering fur baby until she found her.  I could see by the sparkles that their happiness at being reunited was growing...
Until, in a flurry of sparkles, they vanished.  An echo of joyous laughter and happy purring drifted past me on the wind, then all was quiet. 


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