Friday, January 23, 2015

Faeries Friday

This is Oblivia, out there dancing in the cold, oblivious to the nearly freezing temperature.  That's not why her name is Oblivia, though.  Faeries don't feel the cold, nor do they feel the heat.  The temperature for them is always perfect, or so they say.  They do seem to like sitting by the fireplace in my studio when I have a fire going in the winter.  Oh, her name.  Her baby sister couldn't pronounce Olivia, it always came out Oblivia, so that's what she's called.  She says she likes it better anyway...


  1. Oh she looks so beautiful! <3

    I love the name!

  2. You know, Oblivia is a perfect name!
    And, I believe children have more knowledge of the way of the fae than we think... perhaps your beautiful faery's name really is correct ;)

  3. Dear Victoria - this looks like a very appropriate name for this sweet fairy. I think when it is cold though I would rather sit beside you by the fire. Have a beautiful day.


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