Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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This is Highway 18, known as "Rim of the World Highway" right before the turn off to Lake Arrowhead.  I took this in December of 2013...I think this was the only decent snowfall we had that year.  There's actually a car in the photo, but it's a dark car so it barely shows up.  If you can see it, it gives you some perspective, even though it was a small car.


  1. Gorgeous capture.. such strong wintery beauty, wild and striking..fantastic my friend! Pure poetry!
    Wishing you a magical 2015!

  2. A majestic and stunning image.
    You truly do live in a wondrous place, Victoria.

    Kisses to darling Mrs. Rose xx

  3. The Rim of the World is one of the most magical and romantic names I've ever heard! And your photo does it justice.

  4. That is a fantastic shot! Love the thick heaps of snow clinging to the trees. We have an Arrowhead Lake north of us ... but it's named for a water plant called arrowhead. Wendy x


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